Daily Deposits


In 2017 it is almost impossible not to run into someone involved in multi-level marketing (MLM) (sometimes referred to as direct sales or network marketing). Maybe you've been to a party where a host does a presentation or a friend has shown you a plan on how you can leverage your time and money. Still you aren't sold on the MLM industry or maybe you feel it just doesn’t work for YOU.

So what's the truth about MLM? Can you actually make money doing it? How much time and money is involved? What is the actual likelihood of MLM success? What is truly required to become successful and attain an extra income from home?

Many people are skeptical about getting involved based on myths and misconceptions about network marketing and fears of getting scammed by that pyramid thing. Even still, according to the Direct Selling Association, over 18 million Americans are involved in direct sales, adding $34 million to the economy in 2014. Those aren't small numbers. Daily Deposits designed by Chad Thompson with contributions from other industry giants was designed as the cheat sheet for success in this industry. Through interactive and unique training methods you will finally begin to understand how money is made in this world.

Some of the subjects that will be covered:

  • Structure your day and depend on your calendar
  • Don't expect people to understand your grind
  • Do you shine after a storm?
  • Why won't my friends support me?
  • Doing all the research with no results
  • Revisit your game plan
  • Does your future motivate you?
  • The power of fear
  • Law of attraction
  • How to respond when someone ask “what you do for a living”
  • Mental toughness or no business
  • Measure your steps
  • Is your behavior shaped by your thoughts?
  • 21 steps to become a leader